Top Priorities for Henrico

Open Our Schools

Children and parents across Henrico are hurting. Students have been away from school for too long. Mary Margaret is committed to working with local schools and colleges to advocate on behalf of the students.


Henrico County schools are one of our region's greatest resources. Beyond re-opening the doors to students, we must: 

1. Avoid adding more burdensome mandates which often result in unintended and undesirable consequences. 

2. Invest in recruiting and retaining high quality teachers.

3. Recognize that a cookie-cutter approach to education does not work. We need an array of educational options to enhance our ability to meet students' needs. 

It’s time to follow the science and open our schools for 5 days a week in the classroom. 

Rebuild Our Small Businesses

Small businesses and job creators are the backbone of Henrico. This past year has been extremely difficult on small business owners and we must enact policy that supports strong economic growth. Mary Margaret has spent her career in the finance sector, helping businesses grow and meet their financial goals. In the House of Delegates, she will make the tough, but smart decisions with more than 30 years of experience in financial analysis. 


Henrico must remain "open for business" and sustain an environment that is welcoming to entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes. Henrico needs  an independent voice that gets things done. 

New Leadership

One party control in Richmond has failed Virginians, from the Parole Board crisis to mismanagement of COVID-19 relief. Mary Margaret is committed to representing Henrico values and will prioritize common sense solutions that work for Virginia. Her experiences living, work, and raising a family in Henrico make her the best person to represent our community in the House of Delegates.  


We need a check and balance in our state government. Winning this seat is our opportunity to take back the house and it is within reach. We need a problem solver who will move Henrico forward.